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It's about being connected.


What does whānaungatanga mean to different people?
To one tane it’s about being connected to your cousins. He says “you’d be lost without your cousins. I love them all.”
For another it’s about always having kai for visitors, even if there are 10 in the whānau.
Another tane sees the marae as a place you can experience whānaungatanga.  “You feel part of that whānau, even if it’s not your immediate whānau.”
While someone else says it’s a big thing. “Where would I be without my family?  I love my family, they’re the ones who make you who you are, they teach you everything you know”.

Video produced by Emma Robinson 2014

Sharing is one way whānaungatanga is expressed in Darrin's whānau


“I wouldn’t be able to survive without my whānaungatanga.”

Listen to audio clips here

20 seconds each

Whānaungatanga in action 1 aif 1MB

Whānaungatanga in action 2 aif 3MB

Whānaungatanga in action 3 aif 3MB

Whānaungatanga in action 4 aif 3MB

Whānaungatanga in action 5 aif 3MB

Whānaungatanga in action 6 aif 3MB

Whānaungatanga in action 7 aif 3MB

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