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What is the Charter of Commitment?

Māori have developed the Charter of Commitment as a call to action to whānau throughout the country to stand together against violence of all forms, and uphold the tapu and the mana of our people. Violence is a transgression against whānau and whakapapa.

Signing the Charter is a step that anyone can take to encourage debate, action and change.


You can show your commitment to the Charter below.

Only your name will be displayed (at right) as a mark of your commitment.

help with form
help with form
Results: 1412

Current Commitments

Henare Parker

Louisa Breakwell

Te Hau Awhiowhio O Otangarei Trust

Rebecca Rerekura

Penijamini Davetawalu

Penijamini Davetawalu

Amy Smith

Kristal waerea

Maria Clark

Jac August

Lisa Kereama

Hills Whanau

Waina Brown (Matatini)

Oriwa Jurry (Matatini)

Kasandra Huata (Matatini)

Kuao (Matatini)

Shiquille Whaiapu (matatini)

Steph Lafaele (Matatini)

Kua Whakataunei (Matatini)

Tuahiake (matatini)

Rangi (matatini)

Elizabeth Kapai (matatini)

Elizabeth Kapai (matatini)

Martha Teia Dargivill (Matatini)

Rodgers (Matatini)

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