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Kahukura (leaders)

Opotiki College Deputy Head Prefects Tyler Kerr and Tairongo Hudson have stepped up to offer strong leadership to their peers.

E Tu Whānau is clear that Māori must take leadership, responsibility and action to bring about positive change within whānau.

Leadership takes place at many levels – within whānau, hapū, iwi, on marae and within rangatahi groups. E Tu Whānau acknowledges and supports those who step up, speak out and lead positive change in their communities. They are known as kahukura.

E Tu Whānau kahukura are the people who emerge naturally within their own communities to support and encourage whānau strength through actions and behaviours that help to eliminate violence. They are kahukura because of their role in leading discussion and modeling change in their particular space.

E Tu Whānau kahukura are emerging across the country – they are in iwi, hapū, marae, whānau, schools, non-government organisations and everywhere E Tu Whānau discussion and activity is taking place. Many have been leading change in this way for years, others are new to this role and for some the leadership is a collective responsibility taken on by a community.

The importance of kahukura – and their commitment to making a difference – is recognised by E Tu Whānau.  Each year kahukura are selected and honoured for their contribution.

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