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What is the Charter of Commitment?

Māori have developed the Charter of Commitment as a call to action to whānau throughout the country to stand together against violence of all forms, and uphold the tapu and the mana of our people. Violence is a transgression against whānau and whakapapa.

Signing the Charter is a step that anyone can take to encourage debate, action and change.


You can show your commitment to the Charter below.

Only your name will be displayed (at right) as a mark of your commitment.

help with form
help with form
Results: 1252

Current Commitments

Patience pari

Piripi Moore

Michelle Horne

Michelle Horne

whare kupenga-keefe

moana Christie (waitangi)

Tarena Finalayson (waitangi)

Moana Walters (waitangi)

Alison Western (@waitangi)

Ema Preston (waitangi)

Marama Heta (waitangi)

Mazzza nui (@waitangi)

Rania Edwards (@waitangi)

Moriate Arama (waitangi

Tania Edwards

Anto George (waitangi)

Arama Thompson (@waitangi) te whakamanu kohanga reo

Belina Sheridan (waitangi)

butch matene (waitangi)

Camille N Georges (waitangi)

Gus Hynes (@waitangi)

Hape Porowini (Waitangi)

Justice Tautari (@waitangi)

Maria T.kereama (@waitangi)

Awhina Blowham (waitangi)

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